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CFG Resources

Collectively, we bring more value to our clients.

“In today’s world, size and scale matter! CFG has 140+ financial professionals, in multiple states, supported by our self-funded Super OSJ. CFG is able to maximize relationships with our Broker/Dealer and Business Partners to gain access to technology, education and resources. These resources allow us to better serve advisors, their prospects and clients giving us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

— Jeff Bigler, Managing Partner

Practice Support

  • Team Support/Business Development
  • Contracting & Commissions
  • Fixed Insurance Solutions
  • Fixed Insurance Sales Desk
  • Self-funded OSJ-Securities Support Division (SSD)
  • Supervision/Compliance delivered in a sales friendly & proactive manner
  • Technology Support
  • Virtual Admin Subscription Service

Business Continuity/Succession Opportunities

  • Co-branding & Promotional Support
  • Joint work with Jr & Sr Financial Professionals
  • Practice Acquisition
  • Business Continuity & Succession Planning
  • Practice evaluation tools with B/D
  • Tools for crafting legal documentation.

Education & Practice Management

  • Group Meetings offering practice management and CE
  • Networking/Peer sharing
  • Strong relationships with Industry Business Partners
  • Study Groups
  • Customized Practice Management tools
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • CFG Annual National Conference

Rewards & Recognition

  • Fortunaire Recognition Production Levels
  • Business Development Allowance
  • Annual Leader’s Trip & Recognition
  • Producer Referral Program
  • Fortunaire Foundation Non-profit Charitable Organization